The reminders are worksheets that help you monitor the planning and the language development of your child. In the reflection booklet (step 8), we emphasise that it is important to understand that Family Language Policy is a dynamic process. With the set of reminders, we encourage you to reflect on your approach at regular intervals and revise it, if necessary. We also discuss milestones of  early language development and we provide some advice.

The set consists of four reminders: birth to first year, one to two years, two to three years and three to four years.

Reminder 0 To 1 Year Editable Version
PDF – 682,2 KB 510 downloads
Reminder 1 To 2 Years Editable Version
PDF – 724,8 KB 522 downloads
Reminder 2 To 3 Years Editable Version
PDF – 1,1 MB 506 downloads
Reminder 3 To 4 Years Editable Version
PDF – 986,1 KB 495 downloads